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When Man Meets Dog What a difference a dog makes 978 184584879 8

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When Man Meets Dog

What a difference a dog makes


When man meets dog, it leads to a unique friendship; one that can change men's live. What a difference a dog can make.

When Man Meets Dog is the first book to explore the meaning of the human-animal bond from the male experience. For men, the connection with dogs bypasses familiar male barriers that keep so many others at a distance. Come to understand the challenges men face in making bonds, and why ties with canine companions offset many of these difficulties.

Have you ever wondered why dogs are considered, ‘man’s best friend?’ In this book, Psychologist Dr Christopher Blazina explains the importance of the unique bond between men and dogs. There are widely-held beliefs that males naturally transition into a state of self-imposed seclusion and emotional detachment in adulthood. Even relying on another person violates the rules of being a man. When Man meets Dog explores how the bond with animal companions bypasses many of these barriers, helping males develop into happier, healthier men. What a difference a dog can make!

It’s also important to discuss the other side of attachment: loss. Again, the mixed messages men receive lead to difficulties with managing grief. When Man Meets Dog is the first book to discuss men’s ‘continuing bonds’ with a lost animal companion. A continuing bond is a new way of reconnecting and preserving the memory of this unique connection.

When Man Meets Dog is a memoir with a purpose. Chris shares his very personal story of how two shelter dogs not only changed the direction of his life, but also how he defines what it means to be a man.
  • The first book to explain the human/canine bond from the male perspective
  • Explores the unique challenges men face in making and sustaining connections
  • How canine companions circumvent connection barriers common in other relationships
  • The messages males receive about being a man have direct implications for dealing with a range of potential changes and losses
  • Canine companions can be a unique source of comfort to men working through changes and losses
  • Understand the unique ways men face grief and loss
  • Discover how men form a ‘continuing bond’ with an animal companion; a new way to connect and preserve the importance of the bond
  • Learn about the varying ways men form continuing bonds with animal companions
  • A memoir with a purpose – enables readers to personally experience the bond through the eyes of the author, from his own experinece
  • Written in a conversational way while also drawing from the latest research about the positive impact of animal companions in men’s lives

Format Paperback • 225 x 152mm • 160 pages
ISBN 978-1-845848-79-8
UPC 6-36847-04879-2



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