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Know Your Dog TBD4072


The guide to a beautiful relationship

Dr Immanuel Birmelin

  • Recognise your dog's personality
  • Gain an insight into dog senses
  • The canine learning and reasoning process
  • Developing your dog's skills
  • Learning exercises for you and your dog

Most books about dogs talk about the history of various breeds, and are filled with useful training advice, yet we learn almost nothing about how dogs think and feel. Dogs are considered to be easily trained creatures of instinct, but this attitude falls short of the mark. It doesn’t take into consideration that dogs are thinking, feeling beings; individuals, just as we are, with different personalities, strengths and weaknesses, and distinct emotional lives.

The aim of this book is to have dog owners get to know their companions from a different perspective, through simple routines and games that can be carried out at home. Owners will learn about – and see for themselves – the mental abilities that their dog possesses, and understand their dog much better as the relationship between them grows even deeper

Dr Immanuel Birmelin has devoted more than 25 years to investigating the behaviour of animals in zoos, circuses, and the home. He has extensively studied pet behaviour, and was able to demonstrate through tests that dogs have the ability to reason, and are therefore not weak-willed servants of man, but thinking, sensitive fellow creatures.
The dog owner who embraces this fact will find it considerably easier to teach his dog many things; the need for intensive drilling is not as great as previously assumed. This was the subject of Immanuel Birmelins film 'Dog or Cat – which is smarter?' which created a sensation in 2003, and was followed up by guest appearances on television talk shows. The author is also active as a scientific advisor for animal film productions, and as an authority on the correct care of animals.


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