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Living with an Older Dog TBD4336

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Living with an Older Dog Gentle Dog Care

David Alderton

Derek Hall


Most dogs live longer these days, thanks to a greater understanding of what they need in terms of food, exercise, health monitoring, and medical care.

This book describes how to recognise and understand the changes – both mental and physical – that occur as your dog grows older. It explains – with the help of unique and specially-commissioned photography – how to manage these changes successfully, and thus how to make the senior canine years more enjoyable and fulfilling for both you and your dog.

Exercise, diet, grooming, sharing the house with a younger dog, travel and holiday arrangements – all this and much more is covered in detail. There is also advice on how to work closely with your vet in order to manage your dog’s senior years, as well as sympathetic advice for when the time comes to say goodbye.

Derek Hall is a freelance author and editor, specialising in natural history, including pets. He has an Honours degree in biology from London University.
As editor, Derek has produced numerous pet books, covering a range of subjects, including aquarium fish, horses, cats, dogs, cage birds and small mammals (rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, etc). He was also editor of the successful partwork Living Countryside, and has given practical talks on nature watching.

Derek's books include guides on keeping chickens, bee-keeping, and dog breeds and their care. He has owned and trained dogs ranging from pedigree Fox Terriers and Springer Spaniels to ‘rescued’ cross-breeds.
David Alderton trained as a veterinarian, and his books about dogs have sold over a million copies. David has been awarded the Maxwell Medallion by the Dog Writers’ Association of America, and has acted as consultant on canine programmes screened by the Discovery Channel.
He was very closely involved in the TV documentary celebrating the Crufts Centenary dog show, screened by the UK’s BBC and broadcasters in thirteen other countries world-wide.
Format Paperback • 205 x 205mm • 128 pages • 98 colour pictures
ISBN 978-1-845843-35-9
UPC 6-36847-04335-3
Published March 2011


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