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You and Your Cockapoo The Essential Guide TBD4320

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You and Your Cockapoo

The Essential Guide

David Alderton

Everything you need to know about choosing, buying and enjoying your Cockapoo including breed background, settling in your new arrival, establishing a daily routine and what to expect as your canine companion grows up 

Crossbreeding between different types of dog is not a new phenomenon, and, over recent years, interest in crossbreeding has grown, partly due to curiosity but more significantly because the role of dogs in our lives has undergone a dramatic change as they have become one of the family. As a result, breeders are seeking to create new, distinctive, friendly companion dogs that will thrive in domestic surroundings.

The lovable Cockapoo is one of the oldest members of the so-called ‘designer dog' group, and, in this essential guide, you will find everything you need to know about choosing, buying and enjoying your Cockapoo.

Over 100 illustrations – many specially commissioned – colourfully illustrate and describe these captivating dogs.

  • Breed background
  • Choosing and buying
  • Settling in
  • Establishing a daily routine
  • Growing up
  • Further resources

Format Paperback • 170 x 220mm • 96 pages • 100 pictures
ISBN 978-1-845843-20-5
UPC 6-36847-04320-9


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